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4 Top Benefits to a Prenatal Massage

Your body goes through some incredible changes when experiencing pregnancy. And with those changes, your body might experience some pressure and pain throughout the nine-month term. That’s where Zianna Wellness & Spa can help – our prenatal massages are therapeutically beneficial to you as your body undergoes these changes, but also contribute to your overall holistic health, providing emotional and psychological benefits through stress alleviation.

Take a look at these four well-known benefits associated with prenatal massages:

1. Pain and Stress Relief

Headaches, cramps, stiffness, lower-back pain – these are all common side effects during pregnancy. Prenatal massages provide a natural and safe way for you to alleviate your symptoms, without the need for any drugs or medications.

2. Soothes Tight Knots

Any massage will help keep your muscles relaxed. A prenatal massage will also maintain your natural alignment so that you can keep a good posture as you adjust to the baby’s increasing weight. In addition, the light pressure helps release endorphins into your body, making you feel more at ease.

3. Promotes Equilibrium

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, which can cause some imbalances in your body’s natural state of equilibrium. Prenatal massages help regulate your natural level of hormones, alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety, and promote healthy sleeping habits.

4. Cardiovascular Health

Healthy blood circulation will help your baby receive adequate nutrient and oxygen levels. By promoting blood circulation, your body will naturally remove toxins, which will boost your immune system.


Zianna Wellness & Spa’s prenatal massages are safe, healthy, and incredibly relaxing. Our trained therapists can help expectant mothers feel relaxed and at ease in their changing bodies from issues such as headaches, backaches, fatigue and stress.

We’ll take care of you and provide the wellness solutions that you need and deserve. To reserve your next Zianna Wellness and Spa massage treatment, give us a call us today!