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5 Things to Know About a Vichy Shower Massage

Not everyone is always familiar with what a Vichy shower massage is, but it is one of our most popular specialty treatments at Zianna Wellness & Spa. Looking to learn more about them? Here are five things to know about Vichy showers:

1. It is a shower while lying down.

In a simple sense, a Vichy shower is a shower you take while lying down on a wet table. It is usually done in conjunction with a body treatment like a body wrap, body mask or salt scrub. It stimulates the feeling of floating on water, which can be very soothing.

2. It is a form of hydrotherapy.

A Vichy shower uses multiple shower heads attached to a horizontal bar above your body. After the optimal temperature is set, the therapist cascades water over your entire body which then drains out the floor below. This type of hydrotherapy provides an immunity boost by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

3. It is part of holistic therapy.

When you receive the Vichy shower with a body treatment, the therapist will wear gentle scrubbing gloves to rub and exfoliate your skin as the body mask/wrap/salt scrub is being removed. It is not necessarily a massage, but it will surely relax and revitalize you from head to toe.

4. It can fit your comfort.

If nudity is a concern, then the Vichy shower can be done to your comfort level. You may choose to have towels draped over sensitive body parts or you can wear disposable underwear if you prefer discretion.

5. It has French origins.

The Vichy shower is named after Vichy, France, a traditional spa town with natural thermal springs where the treatment originated. The similar treatment was adapted in America to be used in spas, though it is not available everywhere. Zianna Wellness & Spa has trained therapists who understand and specialize in the Vichy shower treatment.


Interested in learning more? Zianna Wellness & Spa offers different packages to go with the Vichy shower treatments. We have other massages, facials and spa therapies available, so call us today to schedule your spa appointment!