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7 Things to Know About a Body Scrub

Keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated is always important, and a great way to do so is with a body scrub treatment at Zianna Wellness & Spa. Some people like to think of it as a facial for the whole body. It exfoliates the skin to keep it smooth and hydrated. To learn more about body scrub treatments at Zianna Wellness & Spa, continue reading!


  1. It Exfoliates Your Skin
    The primary benefit of a body scrub is that it completely exfoliates your skin. Zianna’s all-organic scrub contains special Himalayan salts and essential oils to remove dead skin cells and revitalize your skin from head to toe.


  1. The Right Mixture
    A good body scrub product is a blend of an exfoliating material (in our case, the Himalayan salts) for skin care and essential oils (we use Laminaria oil) that hold the mixture together. In addition, our body scrub contains a soothing fragrance that will enhance the experience and allow you to walk away feeling totally rejuvenated.


  1. Performed by an Experienced Therapist
    You can try at-home scrubs, but you just won’t achieve the same results as when a seasoned spa therapist applies the scrub. Your skin will feel softer because the therapist has the experience required to know the best places and the amount of scrub needed to maximize its exfoliating potential.


  1. Blood Circulation Increased
    Body scrubs have also been proven to improve blood circulation, which in turn promotes detoxification. This is yet another key benefit to your health.


  1. Consider a Vichy Shower Option
    Zianna Wellness & Spa offers Vichy showers as an option with our body scrub treatments. You simply lie on a table while the spa therapist washes the scrub compound off your body. It is truly relaxing and makes sure you are completely clean.


  1. Hair Wash Included
    At Zianna, we also include a hydrating hair wash as part of our body scrub package. We use an organic shampoo and conditioner made of trace elements and a perfect balance of minerals.


  1. A Relaxing Experience
    A body scrub is very different than a massage, but many customers walk away feeling a similar sense of relaxation. It’s one more way for you to revitalize your mind, body and spirit at Zianna Wellness & Spa.


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