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Boost Your Body’s Immune System with a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Most often, people believe that massages are only meant for tranquility. While relaxation is one of the benefits associated with massage, there are also specialized massage treatments designed specifically for health and physical wellness. At Zianna Wellness and Spa, we offer lymphatic drainage massages to help you relax and heal.


So, what exactly is a lymphatic drainage massage? Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic treatment that uses light, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph in your body. Your lymphatic system is what helps eliminate your body’s waste and fight infection. Smooth muscle tissues are used in the body’s natural movements to help pump nutrients and oxygen to your cells.


Since the lymphatic system is important for fighting off infection, lymphatic drainage massages can be beneficial in many ways. It can help reduce the chances of minor colds and viruses, reduce water retention, and boost your metabolic rate, which can help regulate body weight.


If you’ve ever had a surgery involving your lymph nodes, your doctor will likely suggest regular lymphatic drainage massages as additional treatment. At Zianna Wellness and Spa, our lymphatic drainage massage specialists will provide the massage treatment you need with the personal care that you deserve.


Try Our Lymph Drainage Facial

Want to increase the boost factor? Our lymph drainage facial is the perfect addition. Since lymph nodes are present throughout the body, our lymph drainage facial focuses specifically on the face and neck to improve the overall function of your immune system and induce a deep state of relaxation. Zianna’s lymph drainage facials will help alleviate facial congestion and sinusitis, improve skin conditions, treat puffy eyes and dark circles, and accelerate facial surgery recovery.


For more information about our lymphatic drainage massages and lymph drainage facials from Zianna Wellness and Spa, contact us today to schedule your treatment appointment.