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Deep Tissue vs. Soft Tissue Massages

At Zianna Wellness & Spa, we oftentimes have guests ask about the differences between deep tissue and soft tissue massages and whether or not one approach better than the other. The truth is all massages have different benefits, so it largely depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your therapy. To help you decide which type of massage is best for you, we’ve compiled the benefits of both massages below.


Deep Tissue Massage

This is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the deep layers of muscle within your body. That’s where the term “deep tissue” comes from. Slow and precise massage strokes are used with firmer pressure to penetrate deeper into the tissues. Adhesions and ‘knots’ in the muscles are broken down and blood flow is naturally increased, which ultimately helps to reduce inflammation and decrease tension and pain.


If you suffer from chronic muscle injuries or pain or are rehabilitating from a muscle injury, deep tissue massage treatment may be best for you. This therapy is very popular with athletes looking to improve performance.


Soft Tissue Massage

As you might expect, a soft tissue massage is a treatment that is inherently less intrusive than a deep tissue massage. The massage movements are focused on a range of depths, pressures and durations. It will work on your muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce tension and provide relaxation. Blood circulation will be improved and endorphins will be increased.


If you are looking for pure relaxation and a less intense massage, then a soft tissue massage at Zianna Wellness & Spa will probably be your best choice.


Choose the Right Massage Treatment for You

Zianna’s experienced massage therapists can sit down with you to discuss your objectives and select a massage therapy that’s right for you. Some specialized massage therapies may include elements of both soft and deep tissue massages to produce the desired results. The simple fact is that every patient has different needs and desires, and we’re here to provide the massage therapy that will work best for you.


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