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Get Your Blood Circulating with a Swedish Massage

Massages are about much more than just relaxing muscles and removing tension. In fact, there are so many different benefits associated with getting regular massage treatments. If you have poor blood circulation, you probably suffer from numerous discomforts such as cold/numb hands and feet, fatigue and other various aches and pains. One of the those benefits that most people aren’t aware of is how massages can increase blood flow throughout your body.


Have you ever wondered why you get sore after a strenuous exercise? That soreness is caused by a buildup of lactic acid and other byproducts in the muscles. The body creates lactic acid as a byproduct when there isn’t enough oxygen to produce energy – often caused by fatigue. Lactic acid is temporary, and our bodies eventually flush it out, but it can stay in our muscles for days, resulting in extended periods of soreness.


During a massage, the applied pressure keeps the blood moving through the affected areas while the release of pressure allows new blood to flow back in. As blood flows more freely, the lactic acid is flushed from the muscles. Lymph fluid is also circulated better, which filters metabolic waste out of the muscles and from other internal organs. The process can regulate your blood pressure and keep it flowing at a healthy, lower rate while improving your body function as a whole.


Many different massages at Zianna Wellness & Spa can help you with your blood circulation, but perhaps one of the best is our Swedish Massage. This is a European technique that uses relatively gentle motions (light-to-medium pressure) applied to your entire body. It is designed to relieve tired or sore muscles while increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph movement.


A Swedish Massage from Zianna Wellness & Spa will not only revitalize your mind, body and spirit, it can oftentimes improve your health with these valuable blood and lymph flow benefits. Along with diet and exercise, regular massage treatments can be an important part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle.


Swedish Massages at Zianna Wellness & Spa are available in the following session types:

  • 50-minute session: $99
  • 80-minute session: $139


To learn more about Swedish Massage packages at Zianna Wellness & Spa or to schedule your spa appointment at our Anaheim Hills location, call us today at (714) 921-3785.