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Here’s How Waxing Can Benefit Your Skin

Many people consider skin waxing as a purely cosmetic procedure. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that waxing also has a lot of skincare benefits associated with it. When done right at a wellness center like Zianna Wellness & Spa, waxing is good for your skin, and here are just a few reasons why:


  1. Reduced Irritation and Allergies
    Hair removal creams and shaving can cause irritations and, in some cases, allergic reactions. Waxing uses simple ingredients and when done right, will leave very little irritation. Any redness that occurs is usually very fleeting.


  1. Skin Texture
    In addition to removing the hair, waxing will also remove the top layer of dry/dead skin cells. This leads to smoother, more even skin.


  1. No Stubble
    Waxing pulls the hairs out by the roots, so it won’t leave you with the itchy stubble that shaving does. It also takes longer for the hair follicles to grow back.


  1. Minimal Bruising and No Cuts
    Nobody wants to deal with cuts or bruising after removing unwanted facial or body hair. Waxing makes sure there are no nicks or cuts, and any bruising effects are very minimal compared to some other hair removal methods.



Waxing Treatments at Zianna Wellness & Spa

At Zianna Wellness & Spa, we offer facial and body waxing treatments for cosmetic and skin care benefits. We have a series of facial waxing services to remove unwanted facial hair and smooth out your complexion. We also provide head-to-toe body waxing services to effectively and quickly clear any unwanted body hair wherever you want it removed.


If you’re ready to start waxing, Zianna has you covered with the facial and body waxing treatments you are looking for. Call us today at (714) 921-3785 to ask about pricing and to schedule your next waxing appointment. ­­­­