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Reiki Therapy: What It Is and How It Helps

Often called “palm healing”, Reiki is a very soothing type of massage therapy where the therapist uses hand placements across key energy points on the body. Reiki is designed to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process. There’s no better place to try this treatment out than at Zianna Wellness & Spa in Anaheim Hills. Our highly-trained therapist will provide you with the relaxation you deserve.


This therapy taps into your body’s energy centers with strategic hand placements and sometimes very gentle touches. It is not like a traditional massage where the muscles and joints are worked on a deeper level. Instead, this is an energy treatment that promotes healing while also providing relaxation, reducing stress and giving you a feeling of true inner peace.


Here are just some of the benefits associated with Reiki therapy at Zianna Wellness & Spa:


  1. Stress Reduction
    Reiki has proven to be a great stress-reducing treatment. Reducing stress is great for the mind and body because stress can negatively affect you in so many ways, including heart health and digestive health.


  1. Less Anxiety and Depression
    Oftentimes, feelings of anxiety and depression are reduced in Reiki patients. Improve your overall mental state with this treatment.


  1. Pain Relief
    Reiki also helps with pain relief in muscles and joints because it enhances the body’s natural healing capabilities.


  1. Healing Properties
    Other healing properties regularly associated with Reiki include healing of infections and inflammations. This treatment has helped patients dealing with metabolic syndrome, which is often associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


  1. Spiritual Benefits
    Reiki makes you walk away feeling rejuvenated, not just in your body but in your mind as well. The emotional and spiritual benefits are immeasurable, but many Reiki recipients will attest to the mental improvements felt after treatment.


Zianna Wellness & Spa offers Reiki sessions performed by experienced touch therapists skilled in this ancient art. Schedule an appointment for a 50-minute session for just $100, or an 80-minute session for $135. Call us today to experience your own Reiki healing of mind, body and spirit at Zianna Wellness & Spa.