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Restore Your Energy with Our Myofascial Release Therapy

When you lose flexibility or function in parts of your body as a result of injury or other natural causes, you may be experiencing immobility or chronic pain that can be truly debilitating. It could be your shoulders, back, neck, hips, wrists, certain muscle groups or any soft tissue area that is giving you problems. But did you know that there’s a treatment offered at Zianna Wellness & Spa that can help? It’s called myofascial release therapy.


Myofascial release therapy (MFR) is a highly specialized massage treatment that is designed for targeted pain relief. It specifically focuses on chronic skeletal, joint and muscle pain due to overly tight fascia. In some cases, the myofascial tissue itself may be damaged, which can reduce blood flow to the affected structures and lead to further pain and deterioration of the soft tissues.


Myofascial release therapy essentially stretches and loosens the fascia. This allows the contiguous structures to move more freely, which ultimately aids in restored mobility and reduced pain in the affected areas.


Zianna Wellness & Spa offers customized myofascial release treatments tailored to your specific problem areas. During each treatment, the fascia is stretched, and adhesive scar tissue is mobilized to promote healing. If you deal with chronic pain, muscle/joint tightness or an old injury that just won’t go away, then myofascial release therapy from Zianna Wellness & Spa could be a great holistic solution for you. Cancer patients have also benefitted greatly from myofascial release because it helps heal the scar tissue created by surgeries or chemotherapy treatments.


Myofascial release therapy is unique for each person, which is why our massage therapists will carefully customize a treatment plan for you. At Zianna Wellness & Spa, we offer two types myofascial release therapy sessions:

  • 50-minute session: $109
  • 80-minute session: $155


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