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Take Care of Your Skin with a Zianna Deep Cleansing Facial

Are you looking to revitalize your skin? Then it’s time to stop by Zianna Wellness and Spa in Anaheim Hills! One of our most popular therapy treatments is our deep cleansing facial. It rejuvenates the skin and is part of our holistic spa approach to revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit. We often get a lot of questions about what is involved with our deep cleansing facial treatment, so we decided to share our secrets with you!


The deep cleansing facial begins with a brief consultation with one of Zianna’s expert estheticians. This consultation is a way for the esthetician to understand your facial care routine, your individual skin type and your skin toning goals. Then, they can customize a facial treatment that will tone and refresh your skin. It’s no secret that everyone has unique needs and skin, so it is important to individualize the treatments for the best possible results.


Our estheticians use a handmade, organic skincare line of products that were designed exclusively for Zianna Wellness and Spa. These all-natural skincare products are recommended for all skin types, including individuals with blemished skin.


When the deep cleansing facial is complete, you will instantly feel the rejuvenation of your skin. You’ll look and feel years younger while also knowing that your skin is healthier and completely revitalized. At Zianna Wellness and Spa, it’s much more than just a relaxing spa treatment; it is a holistic experience.


To learn more about deep cleansing facials at Zianna Wellness and Spa or to schedule a facial treatment or skin consultation appointment with one of our top estheticians, give us a call today.