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The Many Benefits of Essential Oils

At Zianna Wellness & Spa, essential oils are, well, essential to the treatments we provide. Our therapists use only all-organic essential oils as part of many different massages and other spa treatments. They are great for the skin and body, and the scents offer specific therapeutic qualities to enhance your experience.


Here are some of the benefits associated with essential oils:


  • Hormonal Balance – These oils can help balance hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone and thyroid, which can improve your mood, increase your libido or fight the effects of menopause.


  • Improve Immunity – The medicinal qualities of essential oils can boost your immunity and help fight bacterial infections.


  • More Energy – Increase your energy and improve cognitive performance with the aid of essential oils.


  • Less Stress – Aromatherapy with essential oils will reduce stress levels and help battle anxiety and depression.


  • Pain Relief – When combined with touch therapy, essential oils can holistically reduce aches and pains throughout the body, including headaches and migraines.


  • Skin and Hair Health – Acne, age spots, skin irritations, sun damage, thin or brittle hair—essential oils can help with these and many other skin and hair concerns.


  • Detoxification – Essential oils have exceptional detoxification properties that will benefit your body in so many ways.


  • Better Sleep – Most guests who are treated with essential oils experience better sleep thanks to many of the associated benefits above.


If you want to see the true power of essential oils, come to Zianna Wellness & Spa and experience a Shirodhara Treatment. We apply a steady flow of warm oils to your forehead to stimulate the pituitary gland and soothes nerve endings. Meanwhile, other body pressure points are also worked on to provide head-to-toe bliss. This is a divine treatment that will reawaken your spirit while promoting healing throughout your body.


To learn more about the Shirodhara Treatment or other aromatherapy and spa therapies that utilize all-organic essential oils, call Zianna Wellness & Spa in Anaheim Hills today at (714) 921-3785 and schedule your spa appointment.