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Try Zianna’s Sedona Mud Wrap

The new year is almost here! Start the year off right by stopping by Zianna Wellness & Spa to try our refreshing Sedona Mud Wrap. It’s a great way to recharge and feel ready to tackle 2018. Not sure what a Sedona Mud Wrap is? Continue reading to learn more!

The Sedona Mud Wrap is made from red algae clay, which is an alternative to our Marine Algae Wrap. Sensitive skin? No problem. The red clay is lower in iodine and gentler on a sensitive body. The Sedona Mud will help to soothe the skin and draw out any toxins that may be residing in the body. It’s a relaxing way to detox and make your skin and body feel great.

Our 50-minute wrap invites you to relax and rejuvenate your body and spirit in Zianna’s renowned spa. You’ll be able to have the same feeling at the end of a refreshing run right after your wrap. These wraps don’t just help you relax; they also strongly benefit your immune system. Body wraps allow your body to release endorphins and toxins, helping regulate your body’s natural immune system.

The red algae wrap contains the highest quality ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin tissue to detoxify and regenerate your skin. It’s great for improving vascular functions and plasticity of collagen. Our innovative body wraps will nourish your body with nutrients and even help with treating cellulite!

Remember that your skin is an organ as well, so it’s a vital part of your body and overall health.

Take care of your body and treat yourself by signing up for one of our relaxing spa treatments. We’ll take care of you and provide the wellness solutions you need and deserve. To reserve your next Zianna Wellness & Spa massage treatment, give us a call us to schedule an appointment today!